On GENERATION LOWCAL, a local actor is defined by its usefulness in any type of public or environmental action.

It is able to communicate in a radius around an address, a department, a region or even at a national level.

Deux captures d'écrans de l'application de Baptiste Coulon.

Who they are?

– A market gardener can have several visibilities with a place of production and places of weekly distributions.

– All types of installation projects to make themselves known and thus to obtain assistance more easily.

– An association or company that wants to be visible in the department, region, country.

– An individual who organizes or wants to organize a local action.

– A municipality to disseminate local news

Make yourself known
The application helps to make itself known to the greatest number by a geolocated and textual search in replacement of a directory.
Build customer loyalty
Like a social network but specialized in the local, the application allows regular monitoring by and for customers.
Real-time information
At any time, the application allows the publication of news. Examples: - Presence at a place. - Open door. - Change of hours. - Planting of vegetables
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How publications work

To communicate with the population, each local actor must make visible its geographical area or areas of intervention. – You are a local actor with an activity that impacts a given territory (local area, department, region or country). You will indicate the address of your basic structure, marketing points, events, etc.

Safety management

In order to ensure the mission of the application, each user has the opportunity to send his remarks to local stakeholders. If they do not seem to respect the mission, the remarks can be reported for inspection to the GENERATION LOWCAL team. Any abuse can be punished.